Jamaican Dance Hall

What is Jamaican Dance Hall?

Get loose with this impactful workout which is a mix of authentic Jamaican social dance moves and Hip Hop. The music which is the basis of this workout originates from Jamaica. As a popular version of the traditional Reggae, the Jamaican Dance Hall has changed the music industry ever since the 1940s when it emerged. Its unique rhythm and socially-relevant themes inspired many world known artists such as Rihanna, Drake and Sean Paul.

Is Jamaican Dance Hall for me?

When attended on a regular basis, the Jamaican Dance Hall is a fun and sexy dance class can help you aid your weight loss, improve cardio fitness and coordination skills.

During this intensive full-body dance class you will be expected to indulge yourself in the wide range of popular moves such as bogles, butterflies, blah daffs and twitter wines. These fun cardio exercises can help you improve your mood, but also train your abs, strengthen your core and put an extra pressure on calves and thighs.

Age and fitness level

This dance workout is suitable for people of all ages and sizes.