What is Zumba?

Dance with your whole body and feel the rhythm of this uplifting aerobics class which will loosen you up and lift your spirits. While gaining a good cardio workout featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance, this choreographed class will take you on a journey that can considerably elevate your fitness level while you have fun.

What makes this dance class unique is the special energetic blend of moves inspired by hip-hop, salsa, merengue and mambo dance traditions, but also its freedom that allows you to enjoy yourself while burning calories.

Is Zumba for me?

While your body heats up, the most popular dance moves such as salsa sides, merengue steps, Cumbrias can help you improve your coordination, correct your posture and increase your body flexibility. This workout targets various muscle group all at once as arms, hips and core are moving simultaneously. Week by week, your brain will also get a proper exercise as it is stimulated to memorise movements and relate them to the different tracks and rhythms.

Age and fitness level

Zumba workout is the perfect option for those who are willing to introduce a fun dance class into their exercise routine.