Krav Maga

Lose weight and decrease your stress levels with the unique blend of techniques inspired by the traditional and modern martial arts such as aikido, muya thai, boxing and wrestling.

Krav Maga is an elite combat and fitness system that teaches you practical self-defence skills and increases your awareness how to make accurate decisions in challenging life situations. It was pioneered in the late 1930s by the Hungarian-born Israeli martial artist Emrich Lichtenfern. He used his street-fighting and wrestling skills to invent a technique to protect the Jewish population against fascist groups in Bratislava.

Translated as contact-combat, Krav Maga can help you adapt your instinctive responses through practical-based learning that can be useful in your daily life. Practised in over 60 countries around the world, Krav Maga training also includes guidance how to prevent, avoid, escape and evade situations of conflict, how to use everyday objects for self-defence and information on advanced functional fitness routines to improve mobility. This class is fully adaptable for people from of all ages, sex, strength and experience.

For information on classes visit the Krav Maga website.