Shorinji Kempo

Build your knowledge how to protect yourself with the balanced system of self-defence and martial arts training. Shorinji Kempo technique is inspired by the ancient Chinese fighting arts and spiritual practices that teach cooperation, self-development and physical self-defence techniques against a stronger opponent.

This contemporary Japanese martial art was found as a method of personal and mutual development. It is part of a larger philosophy that includes restorative massage and seated meditation.

Shorinju Kempo relies on physical principles and the weak points of the opponent, whilst focusing on the balance between hard strikes (kicks and punches) and soft grappling (eludes, locks and throws). It also uses pads and gloves so students can practice sparring. If you are a student in other dōjōs in London, you are welcome to join the classes held at CitySport.

For more information visit the City Kempo website.