Cardio Combat

What is Cardio Combat?

Unleash your inner warrior with CitySport’s martial arts based fitness training which will make you sweat from head to toe and help release tension.

This Cardio Combat class is a comprehensive high-energy workout that does not require any additional equipment. It increases cardio fitness levels through an aerobic routine using martial arts techniques inspired by Taekwondo, Kung Fu and Karate.

Is it for me?

You’ll be encouraged to set goals and by undertaking a series of high knees, march twists, punches and knee-to-elbows you’ll be stimulated to master traditional combat techniques. This interval training programme combines core training to build strength in the upper and lower body, while kicks and shuffles strengthen your legs and a wide range of punches tone your shoulders, hands and elbows.

With support and guidance the series of continual movements will help you burn body fat, gain lean muscle and improve balance and coordination. Cardio Combat can boost your self-confidence, improve your posture and can help reduce the risk of a heart disease.

Fitness level

This cardiovascular high-intensity class is suitable for CitySport members or guests of all fitness levels.