What are circuits?

Originally developed in the 1950s by R.E. Morgan and G.T. Anderson, circuits are a favourite workout for people who would like to build their strength and enhance muscular endurance. The circuit training classes CitySport offers are delivered around the X Cube, our most advanced and adaptable functional training station, located in the upper gym area.

Are they for me?

These circuit classes, which use high-intensity aerobics, aim to prepare you for the movements you perform in everyday life. They are a great opportunity to enhance your cardio-respiratory fitness levels while increasing your knowledge of the gym equipment.

Fitness level

Circuits allow people from all levels to work at their own speed and intensity at up to 12 stations, while sharing their gym experience with others. You will be encouraged to perform variations of a wide range of traditional body weight exercises such as pull-ups, dips, inverted rows and step-ups, moving from one station to another with only short rests in between. Instructors will encourage you to maximise your number of repetitions within a set period of time at each station, before moving to the next.