Core Fast Class

What is Core Fast Class?

If you feel it’s time to strengthen and improve your core, then get your heart rate up with City Sport’s Core workout that is centered around abdominal exercises.

This ultimate gym floor class is a great way to tone up and work on developing strong abdominal muscles. The exercises also work on your back, allowing you to improve your posture, balance and develop your stability. Your core supports your back and developing this could help prevent future back problems. Regular attendees tend to find it easier to perform their regular physical activities as a result of this class.

Is it for me?

You will be challenged to take deep breaths, while completing between 10 and 15 sets of jumping jacks, knees-to-elbows, crunches, bridges and planks during this 20 minute workout. The simple, but intensive workout can be taken on its own or to complement your regular gym workout and power training.

Fitness level

This class is suitable for all fitness levels. Please consult your doctor before you begin Core Express if  you suffer from osteoporosis or lower back pain.