Free Weights Workshop

What is Free Weights Workshop?

Embark on a journey to a leaner and more sculpted body by signing up to the newest fitness addition to CitySport classes.

This free weights workshop is an introductory fitness class created by CitySport qualified gym instructors which aims to equip you with technical knowledge on how to correctly lift free weights.

Is it for me?

By helping beginners to replace traditional weight machines with free weights and perform functional exercises, participants are talked through exercise options to more accurately mimic the motions they engage in their everyday life. This can result in an improvement in stamina, muscle strength and flexibility.

The workshop offers insight and knowledge on a variety of exercises such as bench presses, barbell rows, deadlifts and lunges and demonstrates how they can be utilised in various training programmes.

Fitness level

The workshops are ideally suited to members who currently avoid CitySport’s free weights sections due to a lack of know-how. Please notify the instructor before the start of each class if you have any injuries.