Primal Movement

What is Primal Movement?

Revisit your first movements as a baby by taking one of the most beneficial fitness classes at CitySport. The Primal movement workout approach to the human body aims to help you relearn your basic, natural movement and boost your mindfulness.

When carried out on a regular basis this class will allow your body to gain additional flexibility and build strength. It will also help you to synchronise the natural movements of your bones, joints, ligaments and tendons with the rhythm of your internal organs. By focusing on versatile movement patterns, primal movement can aid speedy recovery, prevent injury and improve the coordination of your upper body.

Is it for me?

Prepare yourself for a lot of crawling, cobras, ankle mobility drills, S-waves and head and sweep rolls, which will all test the limits of your hamstrings, shoulders and abs.

Fitness level

This class is suitable for all age groups and fitness levels and can be used as a starting point if you have recently started exercising or if you are an advanced CitySport member who enjoys weight training. By introducing new exercise movements, this class will keep your interest for a long time.