HIIT Strength & Abs

What is HIIT Strength & Abs?

Tone your physique and strengthen the major muscle groups in your body by trying this ultimate 45 minutes workout. This strength and Abs class combines different techniques of performing traditional low-impact exercises using your body weight or with the addition of weights.

Is it for me?

This challenging workout is suitable for people who would like to train their whole body at once. The class will heat up your abs, calves, hamstrings and back with a set number of rounds of different exercises including, lunges, bridges, curls, crushes and deadlifts performed with or without dumbbells, bands, stability or medicine balls.

When attended regularly you can expect to improve your overall muscle tone, strength, coordination and balance. When you add weights, you are training multiple muscle groups at the same time and your body is stimulated to burn more calories. The biggest advantage of this workout is that you are encouraged to sculpt your muscles using different exercises each time you attend the class.