Treble Challenge

What is Treble Challenge?

Go beyond your usual workout limits and take the Treble Challenge. This great full-body workout will encourage you to work to your maximum, within a circuit format, in the main areas of exercise: strength, cardio and flexibility.

The strength training included in this challenge will boost your metabolism, preserve your muscle mass if you are trying to lose weight while keeping your muscles strong and leave you feeling reenergised and toned.

Is it for me?

The bursts of cardio performed as part of this challenge, including running, stimulate the use of oxygen in your blood to provide energy to your muscles. By gradually increasing intensity or introducing interval training, you can build your cardio endurance, stimulating your body to burn as many calories as possible while increasing your lung capacity and strengthening your heart muscles.

To get the most out of your challenge, you are encouraged to perform flexibility exercises that will allow your main muscles groups to rest and stretch. This can have the added benefit of improvement in your range of movements and help support injury prevention.

Fitness level

Please consult your doctor before taking the challenge if you have any injuries or specific medical conditions.