What is Budokon?

Build up your functional strength and balance your body and mind with CitySport’s new workout that combines yoga, meditation and martial arts exercises. Budokon, which is translated from Japanese as “the way of the spiritual warrior” incorporates the traditional yoga flow with animal postures such as gorilla jumps and crawling.

This fluid, lively form of movement has been developed in the United States this millennium by Cameron Shayne, a martial arts expert and a devoted yogi. He was looking for a creative combination of traditional yoga asanas and martial arts transition that will build strength, increase flexibility and revive the connection between the lower and upper body.

Is Budokon for me?

The Budokon workout is suitable for those who would like to attend a challenging all-body class that will give you the opportunity to strengthen and condition your legs and abs, but also to empower your mind by not forgetting the spiritual meditation part of yoga, which brings your body and mind into stillness.

Fitness level

The Budokon instructor will demonstrate postures, help you focus and correct your alignment. Attendees will be also provided with posture alternatives if they find it difficult to do the full pose or have injuries. Please notify our qualified teachers if you have any injuries or medical conditions so that they can provide modifications of postures, specifically if you have any knee, shoulder or spinal injuries.