Freestyle Pilates

What is Freestyle Pilates?

Flatten your abs with this multitasking workout that can correct your body alignment and strengthen your core muscles. Pilates was developed after the Second World War by the German physical trainer Joseph Pilates, who came up with a system of pulleys to foster the rehabilitation of military personnel.

Using freestyle classes provides the instructor with the freedom to create a unique experience built around the needs of its members allowing them to get the most out of their training every time they get on the mat.

Is Freestyle Pilates for me?

Today Pilates classes are perceived as the perfect workouts for those who would like to restore their bodies’ natural grace and achieve balance, strength and flexibility. By performing a wide range of vigorous exercises such as curls, roll-ups, stretches and planks that have over 600 variations, you will heat up your core, sides, back and glutes.

Age and fitness level

This core-blasting workout is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Please consult your doctor and notify your instructor before starting this class if you have any injuries or medical conditions.