Vinyasa Mandala Yoga

What is Hatha Yoga?

Mandala Yoga is used to aid meditation and often exhibits radial balance. Mandala Vinyasa Flowsequence, we make a circle or travel360 degrees around the mat through a four part sequence. The sequencing may have a single focus, such as opening the hips, or combine multiple areas of focus.

Is Mandala Yoga for me?

By joining this practice you will learn to adopt specific body postures to improve your breathing techniques and body control while learning how to meditate in simple steps. This practice, which is part of a larger philosophy and way of life, praised for its health and relaxation benefits, intends to align and calm your body, while synchronising your breath.

Mandala yoga can also increase your stamina and flexibility, while improving your coordination and balance. It can help you to relieve tension and stress and to revamp your sleep routine by calming down your sympathetic nervous system. This yoga class is an invaluable opportunity for beginners to start practicing as poses are performed at a steady pace, allowing you to increase your knowledge quickly.