Rocket Yoga

What is Rocket Yoga?

Clear your mind and revitalise your body with this dynamic and fast paced yoga style. Ashtanga’s rebel younger sibling, Rocket yoga will get you breathing, moving, sweating and doing things you had no idea you could do.

Originally developed in the 1980s in San Francisco by Larry Shultz, this modern yoga practice is a contemporary blend of advanced and intermediate postures inspired by the Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. Often called the art of modification, this yoga practice is accessible to people from all backgrounds as students are given the chance to interpret conventional asanas and stay motivated to experiment with traditional binding postures.

Is Rocket Yoga for me?

You will be expected to perform a wide range of inversions and arm balanced postures such as one legged crow, headstand and scorpions. As a result, this holistic retreat will help you improve your flexibility and strength, tone your abs, as well as helping to prevent injuries and serious conditions such as diabetes. By improving your breathing you will also detoxify, speed up your metabolism and naturally stimulate digestive fire as part of this workout.

Age and fitness level

This yoga practice is suitable for beginners or more experienced yogis regardless of their shape, size, age or ability.