Yoga for Men

What is Yoga for Men?

Get fit, healthy and flexible with this innovative Vinyasa Flow class that creates a comfortable environment for men to try yoga and improve their practice. Yoga is often considered a feminine class despite it being an ancient tradition initially practised by men. This Vinyasa yoga class is specifically tailored to serve the needs of men and provide them with a safe place to learn postures without being judged.

Developed by K. Pattabhi Jois at the beginning of the 20th century, Vinyasa, which can be literally translates as arranging your body in a special way, uses vigorous flows of postures to warm the body, focus the mind, increase flexibility and build strength and stamina.

Is Yoga for Men for me?

This dynamic yoga practice introduces variations of yoga poses to enable men to progress quickly. It includes sun salutations, standing and seated poses and inversions such as upward and downward facing dog, cat-cow stretches and planks. Students should expect to move continuously throughout the class with the aim to synchronise the flow of movement with their breadth.

Age and fitness level

Each yoga class is a unique experience as teachers tailor it towards the needs of the people who attend the class. It is suitable for beginners or more experienced yogis regardless of their shape, size, age or ability. Please notify our qualified teachers if you have any injuries or medical conditions so that they can provide modifications of postures.