Mixed football league 2018

This summer, CitySport will be hosting a Mixed Football League.

With the 2018 World Cup Russia fast approaching and football fever spreading across the nation, CitySport will be hosting an indoor 5-a-side football league.

The league will run across 10 weeks.

Dates: Wednesday 4th July until Wednesday 5th September.

Time: 6pm-8pm

What is included:

  • Multiple games per session
  • 10 weeks of football
  • Medals for the winners!!!
  • Mixed teams
  • Fun!

For teams wishing to join there will be a one off entry fee of £150 which will cover the team registration and ALL of the teams matches across the ten weeks.

Each team must enter with a minimum of 5 players per team (extra players for substitutions are allowed) with a minimum of one female player per team and on the pitch at all times.

The team entry deadline will be Friday 29th June.

For further information please email us

Register your team now


Players and Substitutes

Each team must have at least one female/male player on the pitch at all times.
5 players per side, including one goalkeeper.  
A minimum of 3 players per team are required for the game to go ahead.
Roll on, roll off substitutions, but the opposite team must be informed when substitutions are taking place.
All substitutes, managers and supporters must watch from the designated area.

Timing and schedule

Games will consist of 2 fifteen minute halves with a five minute half time.
A 3-0 forfeit will be recorded if a team is more than 5 minutes late.
Teams may be required to play two games on certain matchdays.
Teams will play each other twice. 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss.
The league will be decided on points, then goal difference, then goals scored and then head to head results.

Starting and restarting the game

The two captains will flip a coin to decide who takes centre first.
Centre shall be taken after a goal.
You can shoot from centre.


Goalkeepers must roll  the ball to outfield players.
Goalkeepers can pick up back passes. However the goalkeeper cannot receive the ball from a player he has just passed to. An indirect free-kick will be awarded if this occurs.


There will be no referee. Therefore, the captains are responsible for their own player’s behaviour. However, if the on looking CitySport member of staff deems it appropriate they can step in to issue a yellow or red card.
Captains must make themselves known to the staff member keeping score at the start of play. Consistent ill-discipline may result in expulsion from the league.


Games to be played using an indoor, size 4 football (provided by CitySport).
The ball can be played off the walls. If the ball strikes the wall behind the goal line the game will restart with the goalkeeper.
NO Slide tackling. Slide tackles will be penalised with an indirect free kick.

The on looking CitySport staff members’ decision is final.

What to do you have to bring

  • Clean, non-marking indoor trainers.
  • Appropriate playing kit.