7xi Matrix console at CitySport

CitySport collaborated with the commercial fitness equipment brand Matrix fitness to introduce the 7xi console series, the first app-based interface available across the brand’s entire line of cardiovascular products to provide the best services to its customers and inspire them to have more than just a regular gym experience.

The app interface, introduced for the first time in March 2013, enables users to focus on wide range of exercises while having a quick and easy access to social media and the web.

The breakthrough console technology also brings together Virtual Active, asset management and on-demand programming to provide the ultimate user experience in one seamless solution without breaking users’ rhythm to access entertainment, social media and facility communication. Each 7xi product features ten unique Virtual Active locations.

The Wi-Fi-based console technology resembles that of a smartphone and a tablet also including an LCD touchscreen and cloud-based storage. After the initial registration, members are allowed to customise their home page, integrate their iPod, create a custom music video playlist and embark on fitness challenges every time they visit CitySport. The console enables you to track your own workouts and review previous workouts but also features My Fitness Pal, an application available for smartphones and computers which keep a record of your workout.

The web-connected console ensures customers have the most up-to-date software and operating system, providing the best user experience available on the market. As technology evolves your CitySport’ 7xi experience will also evolve to include new features and maximise functionality.