Personal trainers

The following personal trainers currently use CitySport's facilties.

Jodie Standish

Telephone: 07976 099 952


Instagram: @standfit_and_healthy


Scott Hartley

CitySport personal trainer Scott Hartley

My aim is to listen to your goals, then use assessment-based protocols to give you the best in balanced fitness that is possible. We will aim to improve strength, speed, power, mobility and all varieties of work capacity from your creatine phosphate system to aerobic endurance. I believe in constant research, so I will always be looking to improve my knowledge to further improve you.

Telephone: 07894 121 081


Instagram: @scotthartleybox and @thesustainabletrainingmethod

Itamar Peixoto

CitySport personal trainer Itamar Peixoto

My clients are at the heart of what I do. Your goals - whether they are to increase your fitness levels, strength, lose weight, reduce body fat, or get stronger and leaner – they become my goals and I will team up with you to achieve them together. I pride myself on having life-changing and long lasting client relationships with over 7.5 years of experience as a personal trainer. If you are up for the challenge and wish to invest in your wellbeing I promise to share with you my knowledge and absolute passion for fitness.

Telephone: 07718 396231



Toan Truong

CitySport personal trainer Toan Truong

With 15 years of martial arts knowledge and experience, I believe health and fitness is paramount for being the best possible you. I specialise in boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, strength, power and toning.

Telephone: 07919 035 318