Shidokan Karate

Improve your cardiovascular fitness with one of the oldest styles of knockdown karate that is widely known as the triathlon of martial arts.
These classes are delivered by Shidokan GB, non-profit organisation which trains the karate style created by Kancho Yoshiji Soeno 9th Dan. Shidokan GB, which is translated as the association of the Samurai way, teaches stand-up fighting style that encompasses traditional karate methods, full contact karate, Thai boxing and judo techniques.

Shidokan is deep rooted in the budo spirit, with this and the extensive repertoire of techniques, it is an extremely strong and impressive style. This style includes kicks, strikes, punches, locks and sweeps and is based on the lifelong experience of Master Soeno both in Japan and Thailand.

If you are aiming to build up inner strength, master martial-arts techniques and improve your fitness, Shidokan karate is the style for you.

For more information visit the Shidokan GB website.