Box Fusion

What is Box Fusion?

Make the most of your time at CitySport by trying out this fast-paced, high-energy workout that fuses boxing techniques, weight training and pad and gloves use with mat work and circuit style exercises.

Box Fusion is a unique blend of popular fitness disciplines that allows you to maximise results and protect your body from overtraining. You will explore different boxing techniques and core exercises paired with a sparring partner who will help you to stay motivated until the end of the class.

Is it for me?

This explosive workout is suitable for CitySport members or guests who would like to add variety to their fitness routine with the aim to burn fat, achieve well-defined arms and flatten their six pack. The benefits of this fusion class can also include improved muscular endurance and increased flexibility.

Fitness level

This workout can be attended by people of all ages, shapes and fitness levels. Please notify the instructor before the start of each class if you have any injuries.