What is Cycle?

Travel around the world with this whole body workout that will increase your heartrate and speed up your metabolism. The cardio and strength cycle classes at CitySport are suitable for those who would like to get into the rhythm of popular dance music while toning their glutes, triceps and calves. Cardio cycle classes aim to increase your heart rate, while the strength cycle class encourages you to add resistance and climb as many hills as you can with CitySport’s modern bikes.

Find yourself out of the city, cycling across breath-taking landscapes that change according to the level of resistance. While cycling offers a great cardio workout, the addition of the virtual technology provides for pure stress relief via escapism. For those who seek a more intense training session, you can alternate between standing and sitting postures and introduce push-ups that will train additional muscle groups.

Is it for me?

Cycle training allows you to work on your endurance, strength your muscles and bones and improve the mobility of your joints. These cardiovascular fitness routines are a great opportunity for those who seek to boost their energy levels, reduce their stress levels and improve their posture.

Fitness level

Please notify the instructor before the start of each class if you have any knee or back injuries.