Strong by Zumba

What is Strong by Zumba?

Take your cardio workout to the next level with Strong by Zumba, one of the newest fitness routines introduced to encourage people from all backgrounds to push themselves to their limits.

The latest fitness craze is effectively a full-body, high-intensity strength training workout that adds a unique challenge to HIIT exercises by syncing the moves to music. The tracks played throughout the fitness routine were originally composed by famous producers including Timberland and Justin Timberlake and encourage you to move rapidly and burn as many calories as possible.

Is it for me?

The Strong by Zumba workout is divided into four parts and intensifies progressively with each sequence. The idea is that participants are motivated to move quickly and learn how to associate a series of exercise sequences, which include high knees, punches, squats and burpees, with specific beats. Some of the most passionate followers of this workout include Madonna and Gigi Hadid.

Fitness level

Strong by Zumba is not to be confused with the Zumba workout as there are no dance steps incorporated in this workout. The class is suitable for CitySport members or guests from all ages and fitness levels. Please notify the instructor before the start of each class if you have any injuries.