Power Maxx Fast Class

What is Power Maxx?

Firm, tighten and sculpt your whole body in this traditional body conditioning class that will transform your strength training and help you burn more calories by targeting your upper and lower body. Regular attendance will quickly improve your muscular endurance and body tone without adding bulk.

Is it for me?

By focusing your bodyweight movements on rotations and engaging your core and glutes, you will feel your blood flowing and your body getting nice and warm. Our professional instructor will coach you through this ultimate sweat session, which includes push-ups, planks, twists, squats, jumps and kicks. The Power sculpt class will target all muscle groups in the body and activate your trunk muscles, that remain relaxed in other forms of exercise, which can improve your stability and help you maintain balance.

Fitness level

This is a demanding workout suitable for all sizes, ages and fitness levels that will allow you to experiment and discover your limits. Please consult your doctor or personal trainer as to whether this class is suitable for you if you have specific medical conditions or injuries.