Freestyle Step

What is Freestyle Step?

Turn the aerobic step into your best friend at the gym by trying CitySport’s aerobic exercise class that can be tailored towards your personal needs. Step is a choreographed routine that is a suitable addition to any general cardio workout.

This workout was initially invented in the late 1980s by Gin Miller who had suffered a knee injury and was advised to step up and down on milk crate on a regular basis. This inspired her to create a series of exercises to build up the muscles around her knee to provide additional support. By training the main muscle groups at each fat-burning step exercise you will speed up your heart rate and build strength in the lower parts of the body.

Is it for me?

The choreographed aerobic workout includes a flexible number of sets that include a wide range of synchronised moves such as lunges, V-steps, T-steps, straddle downs and corner kicks. Step will help you shed excessive fat and tone the whole body, especially muscles in your lower body such as glutes, hamstrings and calves. If you would like to burn more calories, you just need to increase the speed of your movements.